April 28, 2009

Don't Forget

I really do hope so as well. 


April 18, 2009

Spring Break

Oh how I love thee 
Spring break comes and relaxes us all
*Sigh, now I wish it was summertime again!
but our California weather is coming back
Break out the dresses and shorts!
California in the summer, where else would I want to be?


April 12, 2009

Jason Reeves

Entwined, all that we are is defined by each other's shipwrecked hearts

Jason Reeves, amazing
Just bought his CD off iTunes, and it is absolutely wonderful
Happy Easter also btw!


April 10, 2009

Making this moment a crime

I think this picture is so pretty, i love it.
Um, life currently is me in a stress ball
Oh thank GOD for spring break. finally
All of those others at El Camino who's ready for spring break,


April 5, 2009

Kids with bad ideas

That's probably me. Ok, so here we go on my rant.
I was on my way home from San Diego, and the place Jake & I stayed at...
I left my overnight bag with my clothes and such in it
And a good mass of my cute jewelry. 
On the way home, I got a ticket on the 73. I was going over the speed limit
So I'm probably paying about...300+ dollars?
I was speeding to get to work on time ( my shift started at 12 )
Yeah...I arrived at 12:30. 
When I got there, the other person on the patio got cut fairly early
( Which in most cases was ok...just because I wanted the ca$$$h )
But... What actually ended up happening is most of the Lazy Dog's patio getting killed
I'll be in debt 300+ dollars working my butt off. Great..