April 5, 2009

Kids with bad ideas

That's probably me. Ok, so here we go on my rant.
I was on my way home from San Diego, and the place Jake & I stayed at...
I left my overnight bag with my clothes and such in it
And a good mass of my cute jewelry. 
On the way home, I got a ticket on the 73. I was going over the speed limit
So I'm probably paying about...300+ dollars?
I was speeding to get to work on time ( my shift started at 12 )
Yeah...I arrived at 12:30. 
When I got there, the other person on the patio got cut fairly early
( Which in most cases was ok...just because I wanted the ca$$$h )
But... What actually ended up happening is most of the Lazy Dog's patio getting killed
I'll be in debt 300+ dollars working my butt off. Great..


1 comment:

  1. Su-weeettt...300 dollars is pretty much the amount of money I make for five days. I'd die if I have to pay a traffic ticket that costs 300 freaking bucks.