May 2, 2009


I've tried twitter this week.
& I do not understand what the big hype about it is!
1st of all, its confusing to use. All it does is shows updates. 
No information about anything!
You cannot write all your emotions down, which confuses the heck out of me!
Screw twitter and long live on blogger! 
I MIGHT keep trying to figure that piece of shit out
But no doubt, I'm going to keep updating my blogger
Peace loves! <3



  1. hehe. I haven't have any motivation to try out twitter. It's cool to hear celebrities twitter but for me it'd be "sitting in cube at work..." for 8 hours every day!

  2. haha. I don't want to try twitter, its just going to chain me to my computer. errgh. haha, yay for blogger!