August 27, 2010

Anger,recaps,and more anger

My blog! it has been a long time since I've updated. I'll get back into the loop
But let me begin this off as, I'm angry and I'm just blogging because I need to get this anger/frustration/sadness out some way or another before I decide to explode.

I hate stupid bitch ass little liars. Especially when its from a BOY. wtf, What makes you think that you can just say one thing and then say something else. However you would like to say or put this, but YOU ARE A LIAR. You lied, and nothing you said will be put into consideration because "you care." Bull fucking shit you care, you would not tell me to stop doing bad things and then tell me you wanted to stop seeing me all together. You're taking the easy way out of this whole situation, don't lie and say that its hard for you, either way you have someone to go back to and have for you. In my eyes, it was a big deal for me to take you back, and especially when you HAD ANOTHER FUCKING GIRL right there in the process, but wanted to "see how things would end up in a month." YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING. You are a liar, a horrible person, and this is just bullshit that you did this. You aren't going to have enough balls to tell her all of this, but you're fine with this happening to me, which means in my eyes, YOU DID NOT CARE. You're fine with me walking away, AGAIN, and just going back. What the fuck ever. Bullshit bitches.

Back onto my recap, I took the summer off of school. Just work work work!
Lots of fun with my Irvine babies<3 So far we've seen the best, the worse, and about everything in between. But through it all, I know I will have people to fall back onto always.
Went to Audiotistic 2010 and EDC 2010<3 So much fucking fun
Can't wait for Nocturnal Festival!!! :D
And other than that, shit has been okay. Going to keep on going and keep my head up. Always.


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