September 14, 2009

Fall brings in the new!

Hello loves<3
Well well well, where do I start from?!?!? 
I think it'll be the best to start with HELLO FALL.

For the people reading this who does NOT live in California, the weather out here is starting to change drastically in just a week! We went from uncomfortably hot to cool breezes and warm skies. Which, in my opinion, WHO CAN NOT WANT THAT?!?!? um, what else is new..... OH I GOT A LIP RING. what the hell I know! For most of you who knows me well though, you have known that I've wanted my lip pierced since I was a freshman, but my parents never approved. Well five years later, + a job + being 19, I GOT IT. My mom kinda likes it, which is a giant step up from,"AMANDA YOU WILL LOOK DISGUSTING WITH A LIP RING!" conversation we had 2 years ago. Jake ( boyfriend ) is heading back to UC San Diego on saturday, which kind of depresses me because for 3 months he was there at my leisure. If I wanted to do something he was around, and it was nice to have him around.  But alas, fall is in the air and everyone must get themselves back to their routines. Which makes sense because most of the fall happens around planning and routines and etc. yadda yadda yadda. We ended the summer ( well his summer ) nicely by going to Las Vegas for his basketball tournament. It was a fun trip and a good way to say goodbye to summer. Well, my mother is calling me for dinner right about now. Ta ta for now <3


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