November 2, 2009

Shit Shows and Candy Whores.

Oh fuck halloween was so ridiculous. Two days straight of binge drinking? I think my liver hates me. But oh my god, San Diego showed us all some lovin'. But back to behaving and going M.I.A to go to work and school. That will be my life probably from now on! Hehe.

Ok so here's what went down on Friday night. I got to SD at 5:30, hung out with Jake and his roomies + Richie and we went to eat. Went to get ready, waited for Kari and Krystle to get to SD, then went to Riki's ( where I got trashed ) and we lost my car some how that night. Linda, Koichi, Crystal, and I went looking for it and couldn't find it. Then I send my boyfriend and Richie to go look for it and they find it. Went back to La Jolla and KOed for the night. Alcohol won me over.

Saturday ( Halloween ) Slept til 2, and Jake and I met up with Richie to get free burritos from Chipotle! YES! FTW. Went make up shopping and bought M.A.C's 227 brush, their lipgelee in Gold something, and a new eyeliner. After we picked up Dynise then Krys and Kari at Rikis' house. I got ready, went back to Riki's to drop the car off, then walked 29130213098231098 miles because our asses didn't want to get caught with our booze! hahaha. Then we made it to Myles and had so much fun! <3 Went home at 2 and Jake got sick.

Sunday came home and worked :( boo boo boo!

but here's some pictures as well.

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