November 15, 2009

Autumn brings in the new

OH MY FUCKING GOD. The September Issue looks amaaaaaazing<3. Anna Wintour is one amazing woman. I love love that woman! She is the goddess of fashion, she is the most influential woman in the industry! I love her <3 so much!!

Anyways, its already almost Thanksgiving!! Yay for food and for family and friends. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it combines food & shopping. What else could be better?!? Nothing, well minus Christmas just because I love all the Christmas spirit in the air and all! And when Thanksgiving & Christmas comes around, that means all my friends that left for college are coming home! I can finally see them again! I'm pretty excited to see everyone when they're home! Love love love all around.

This may be off topic, but Krystle ( my best friend ) and I had a conversation about band boys, and the lead singer from The Starting Line looked SO cute in the "Best of Me" video, then he grew a fro and looked weird. Also from ATL Alex and Jack won me over, but Zach, the guitarist, looked SO SO SO cute in the "Poppin' Champagne" video! Also in the "Six Feet Under the Stars" video! So adorable<3 Just toss your current fro and you'll be a cutie.(:

I'm done with my rant for the night. I need to sleep, been up since 9 and got 5 hrs of sleep today. I will most definitely sleep til 3 tomorrow :) Good night loves


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