November 15, 2009

My Winter To-Do List!


I plan on having one hell of a winter break! Especially since school doesn't start for a while and I have the time and the leisure to do as I please again. So since that's the case, I plan to have an absolutely wonderful winter.
Here goes the plans...

-Ice Skating
-Christmas with my family & loves
-Disneyland when everyone comes home
-Snowboarding with the group
-San Fran/Oakland to see Karli
-Candy Cane Lane
-Christmas parties!
-Dressing up
-DABs fancy dinner
-DABs nights
-Sleeping in
-The Starbucks Seasonal menu! I love the Christmas drinks
-Making lots and lots of $$$
-Holiday Shopping
-Foooooooooood comas
-Meteor showers
-Star gazing
-New Years extravaganza!

I'm in love with the winter season!


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