September 6, 2009

Fare thee well summer

Until next year my dear love
Schools back in session, which means papers, books, and spending $$$ to buy the books and write those papers.  But it means that I always have something to do; yet there aren't enough hours in the day to stay busy all the time. I like that summer is gone because the icky humid and hot weather is gone for a year, but summer means old friends and freedom. And summer is one of the best times for love! 

But what on earth did I do this summer?

-Got a tan ! Finally
-Saw all of my old friends from high school who went away for college
-Got to see her best friends all the time
-Vacation in Lake Tahoe!
-Lots of Jake time <3
-Movies galore!
-Disneyland always
-Shopping !
-Warped Tour 09' 
-VODKA !! <3 
-Being around my favorite people
-Torrance beach with my love
-Drinking with the lovelies 
-Clubbing with the girls & bf
-Seeing the guys get kicked out of the club
-Making new friends 
-Having a kick ass summer (:

I loved summer, but now its time to buckle down ):
Oh well, I'm welcoming the fall semester with open arms
Do your worse to me 


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